Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mum-in-law's Birthday

First of August was my "mum-in-laws" (not really just easier) birthday. I normally do her something along the lines of Disney or Winnie the Pooh however, I think getting a card like that every year (no matter how different) can get a bit boring so I opted for Peter Rabbit instead.
For all the toppers and background papers I used a Crafters Companion CD. (Beatrix Potter CD) It's so simple to use all you do is choose the design you want print the out and stick them together. I swear by them and think they are an essential piece in any crafters box! . My green cardstock came from the Works when they used to do their fit as much card into a folder as you can for £2.99. I got some lovely cardstock doing that but now they've stopped it and I'm running out =(. The gold mirricard came from create and craft. (Gold and Silver Mirricard) This is essential for any crafter as you do use a lot of it in crafting! The gems I just found (you can find them in any craft shop) and the ribbon can from a Kanban set but I can't remember which!

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