Saturday, 13 August 2011

Grandad-in-laws birthday

It was the grandad-in-laws birthday not long before the mum-in-laws so was asked to make a card for him. Now I find making cards for men is difficult. For Grandads I find it even harder. Luckily I was inspired the when I went to bed about how I could make a card for him.
He used to work for Cadburys many years ago and has always loved Cadbury chocolate so I thought it was only fitting to make a Cadbury card however, finding a kit or any toppers that are Cadbury is near impossible so I had to a little hunting and pure computer crafting.
I went to trusty Google images and search for Old Cadbury Chocolate. I came up with a few images but no many so I thought I'd venture to the Cadbury site and low and behold they have a section devoted to old chocolate. I saved many of the images that I found on they page and opened up a program called My Craft Studio. Now, this program is fantastic for making cards to send online to people if say you've forgotten it was their birthday or you don't have a normal postal address or they live abroad. It is also fantastic for creating your own backgrounds and toppers.
I loaded all the images onto an A5 sized background and arranged them so there was no white background visable and so you could see every chocolate bar. I then printed this on Super Smooth paper (fantastic for a lovely finish to a card).
For the topper I went back to Google images and found an old Cadbury advert. I them mounted this on some matt silver background and raised it off centre. The tag was a old dairy milk that I copied the colour from and hit the dairy milk writing and placed Happy Birthday Grandad in the colour or the original writing. This was a cool little effect and the card was loved by all and I was told was very fitting for him.

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