Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pink Girly Cupcakes for Party Lite Party

I was invited to a Party Lite Candle Party which I had never been to before. It was a very girly event so I thought why not make some cupcakes.

These were simple Lemon Cupcakes with pink butter cream topping (also lemon). They looked very girly and went down a treat at the party.
I do have to admit. I think cupcakes are my fav thing to make because they ALWAYS come out brilliantly! =)

Dad-in-law and Bro-in-law

So my Future brother-in-law (FBIL) and future dad-in-law (FDIL) both have their birthdays in January so I had 2 cards to make in 1 month. Not such a hard task any more. That is when your printer wants to work!

Now for my FBIL I have done the same card as I did for my Harry Potter mad friend only, he loves Harry Potter more than her. He is an avid collector of all the replica wands and has bought a lot of them. Last I heard he had bought another 4 for his birthday! Due to this it only seems right to do the same card. Needless to say he loved it and prob won't ever throw it away (Yay me)
Now for my FDIL it was just as simple. His fav race car of all time is the John Player Special. I have to admit it is a BEAUTIFUL car. All I did for this find a nice picture of the JPS, printed it out, cut around it, stuck it to gold mirri card, cut around that and stuck it on using foam pads. Then I just folded an a4 black card in half stuck it on and stuck some 'Happy Birthday' peel offs on and some gold card candy in the corners.
A simple yet effective card!

Friday, 3 February 2012


This was a cake I made for a Star Trek con (Trekology 2012) It is a cake shaped like an intrepid class ship (i.e. Voyager). This was a congratulations on a great con for the crew of the USS Fortitude.
I am part of this crew and have got to say everyone did a fantastic job and this cake was well deserved (I may be the navigator but I should be the baker lolz)
This is my most difficult cake to date as it was a shaped cake. I did have someone make a cake board that was specifically designed to make it a little bit easier.