Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Selection of Cards.

Sorry. It's been a while since I've posted. Here is a selection of cards that I have made recently :)

Valentines Day
Brother in Law Birthday
Grandmother Birthday

Disney Birthday
Female Birthday

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fathers day

Made dad a birthday cake. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a picture of the finished product (dammit). I can say it did get completely demolished though! Even my brother liked it.

This is the card I made for fathers day. Very simple just used a couple of embossing folders and some cordinations card. I was nice and quick. Dad loved it so am very proud. =)

Auntie Birthday

A nice quick birthday card I made for my partners Aunties birthday. 
The stamp came from a papercraft magazine (I can't remember which one) as did the background paper. The magazine was £4.99 and the stamps (after looking around shopping) are actually worth £12 so personally I think it was a BARGAIN! =) I love a bargain!

Mum's Tiered Birthday Cake

I decided to try and do a tiered birthday cake for my Mum this year rather than a normal single layered. I thought a tiered would be best as my mum (apparently) was the only one who likes carrot cake so I did a 4 inch on for her, my sister and I are on a diet so I did a 6 inch low fat ginger cake for us and everyone else eats chocolate so I did an 8 inch chocolate cake. I have decided I need more than one day to do a tiered cake as I only finished the cake 10 minutes before my mum actually turned up. Nothing like cutting it close!!!
I used my new Square Cake Pan from Lakeland and I have to say I LOVE it sooooooo much. I was recommended this cake pan by @nixabix on her blog Nom! The Indulgent Baking Blog and I am so grateful to her for it. I am thinking of getting more dividers those.
There isn't really much more to say so here is the pictures.

Just a quick note. I did the Happy Birthday on the Cricut Cake =) I do love that machine. It is a lovely BEAUTIFUL machine!!! I'll get a picture and post it one day =)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Baby shower cake

I didn't make this cake but I had to share it. This was last year several months before my new nephew was born. He is now 3 1/2 months old.
I thought this cake was amazing. The decoration was brilliant. The cake was for 3 expectant mothers and was huge. They all took a third of the cake home. Only one of the 3 mothers knew what they were having. My sister got the middle section (part blue part pink) and she had no idea or even an incling.

I just wish I was this good but hey I'm slowly getting there =)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bro-in-law Cake

My future bro-in-laws birthday rolled round in January and as I had done a cake for his sisters birthday, it was only fair that I did him one.
I did a plain sponge cake decorate with fondant icing. He loves pandas so I made 2 pandas for the top. I also added a model made to look like him leaning on pillows with an xbox at his feet. As he is a huge Harry Potter fan his cake wouldn't be complete without a small gesture towards HP so I created a wizards hat and placed this at his feet.
The Happy Birthday and border were cut out using the Cricut Cake Mini.
The cake was greatly appreciated and seemed to go down well although, to me, it wasn't the best as it was very narrow. It didn't seem to raise much. I think I need to get a new pot of baking powder as I've had it for quite a while and the potency (apparently) can deteriorate.

Grandma Birthday Cake

I received a phone call from my mum about a week before my Grandmas birthday saying she had bought herself a Giant Cupcake Mould and decided she wanted to make one for my Grandmas birthday. We made a lovely chocolate sponge which we filled the centre with chopped fresh pineapple. I thought it was a lovely idea but have decided for future cakes the pineapple needs to be a bit smaller and more of it.
The topping was plain buttercream with fondant icing decorations cut out using the Cricut Cake Mini.
The cake went down well so all was good. =)