Saturday, 30 April 2011

Turtle Cake

I have a boyfriend with the mental age of a 5 year old who wanted a turtle cake for his 23rd birthday. Well here it is.
I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with this cake myself as it was the first cake I ever made used a shaped Wilton tin! The cake recipe, again, wasn't fantastic but was enjoyed by all. I'm hoping once I have a better recipe for my giant cupcake I can also use it in the shaped Wilton tins! =)

First Birthday Cupcake

My first attempt at a giant cupcake. The icing isn't fantastic but I will get there! Need to practice a bit more.
It was for my partners brother for his 19th birthday. The recipe used for the cupcake wasn't that fantastic but they seemed to enjoy it so all is well that ends well!
I will hopefully be learning to 1) make better giant cupcakes and 2) ice a bit better! I'm hoping to start using fondant icing and do more extravagant cakes once I have finished at uni as I will have more time to learn =)

All Time Favourite

My partners family have fallen in love with my Victoria sponge Cake. Now everytime I see them they ask where their cake is haha. It's a simple recipe but it is so tasty!