Monday, 5 December 2011

Pixel project

I was contacted by The Pixel Project: Paint it Purple. I was asked to make some cupcakes to place in their gallery for Awareness of Violence Against Women. I just decided the best recipe would be my normal cupcake recipe with purple colourant added into half the mixture.
These were fun to make and decorate, although they still have gone up on the Pixel Project website (which I'm slightly miffed about as I did they some time ago!)
I also got to use my new cupcake stand to photograph them =)

Brother Birthday Card

My brothers birthday was beginning November. Male cards are very hard to do so I was happy when I managed to find a car the was gold with the engine on display!
This is a Kanban foiled topper which I always think look very classy! I've matted and layered it with black card and gold mirri card. The topper is on wobbles so it gave the card a bit of movement.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Fairy Castle

My fiancĂ©e's sister turned 13 in August. 3 weeks after her birthday we finally got around visiting her. I had made her brother a cake for his birthday so I thought, I need to do one for her as well. She LOVES disney so I thought I would do her a princess castle cake.
It was done using Ann Pickards technique (Fantasy Castle Project). I only came across a few problems and I know how to fix them (This fantastic little thing called pastillage)

The cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing. It was RATHER yummy! =) She loved the idea of the castle which was a bonus as well!

2 Cakes 1 Week

So this was a very busy week. I had a thank you cake and a birthday cake to make in one week not to mention working! This was very challenging but great fun!
Firstly is the thank you cake. Not often you see a thank you cake but one of my friends was making uniforms for our entire crew (Fortitude) within 10 weeks. It was stressing her out and we were all so thankful for her doing them. She is FANTASTIC at making anything and she loves my cakes so it was .... fate.

She love coffee and walnut cake and I was surprised to find that one of my baked and delicious magazines (issue 5) had a coffee and walnut cake recipe. I was so happy I got down to making it straight away. The crumb coating and centre of the cake is coffee buttercream which smelt LOVELY.
As for the decoration, my friend is a HUGE star trek fan. Her husband is a Klingon and she is a Trill (surprisingly she also looks like Jadzia Dax) so it was only fitting that on the cake I did the klingon symbol and  trill spots. She absolutely LOVED it and said it tasted amazing (as I don't like coffee I didn't actually try it).

The second cake was for one of my best friends birthday. It (unfortunately) didn't turn out looking like I wanted to. This girl is amazing and has the most amazing .... assets so I just HAD to do a boob cake to celebrate the amazingness of hers.

The cake was just a lemon sponge it was BEAUTIFUL and the centre and topping was lemon butter icing (it's a good job everyone likes butter icing!) The base was iced with fondant coloured with pink sugarflair paste (possibly wilton food colouring can't remember hehe). On the top was supposed to be a nipple tassel made with fondant. It was very pretty and everyone really enjoyed tucking into it.
 My friends little boy saw both these cakes and (while I was unveiling and taking photos) he got very upset that no one was serving or cutting the cakes. Bless him!

Simple Anniversary

So it's taken me a while to post a few things. Just haven't really been up for or haven't had the time!
September was my parents anniversary and I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it (doi!) so I needed to make on and quick! This care was so simple to make it was made within a lunch break! 
The background on the card was stamped using Martha Stewart's Around the Edge stamp kit. I love this kit. It is so simple to use although it's not particularly cheap to buy!
The embellishments were just some embellishments that I picked up from Hobbycraft in the sale last year. I think they cost me around 20p and were a good find and only wish I had picked up more. They were raised off the service to give the card a bit of dimension.