Saturday, 29 October 2011

2nd Birthdays

So I was invited to my nephews 2nd birthday party which he was sharing with his little "girlfriend" who was also 2. Now they are both amazing kids and love them both 'cause they are so gorgeous so I had to make them some extra special cards.

My nephew is currently OBSESSED with diggers everything thing is digger digger digger, so naturally I had to do a digger card and who better that Scoop from Bob the Builder. This card was simple. I printed a black and white picture of Scoop from the internet onto super soft paper from My Craft Studio (perfect if you want a nice looking picture!). I then coloured it in using whispers pens. As lovely as these pens are, I would have preferred to use Promarkers as they don't smudge into the other inks. (Slight problem with black smudging with yellow although this made Scoop look mucky which worked!). I then mounted this on some home made 'wobble' springs (To make your own watch this video). The sentiment was done using a speech bubble from google images and the My Craft Studio program to insert the writing perfectly into it. The writing was the same colour as Scoop however my printer is not fantastic at printing colours.
According to my sister he loved the card so much that he pulled scoop off of it and carried it around the house with him =) Always an amazing feeling when you get told something like that! =)

Now Isabelle was a little more difficult to do as I'm not really sure what she is into so I went for a nice safe girly pink princess. I used a nice simple Jolly Nation (used to be Paper Nation) decoupage of a nice pink princess. I just cut it out and layered it up. It was very simple but very pink. The peel offs were see through so they showed the colour of the card through them however, I kinda wish I hadn't used them but had just used plain silver ones but hayho hindsight is a wonderfull thing. Lolz.
As far as I know she like it as I never actually saw her open it.

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