Monday, 6 June 2011

Pooh Bear Cake

I asked my mother if she would like me to make a cake for my Grandads birthday. Silly question really. She's asked me to do a Winnie the Pooh Wilton cake. These are very time consuming but look amazing! My Grandad absolutely loved it!
I have decided that when it comes the the base icing I am only going to cover the sides as you lose the pattern and it makes it very difficult to ice! I did have a slight problem with the blue icing and black icing being too runny as well as the yellow and blue icing having a funny taste due to the amount of colourant that went into it to create the correct colour. His face went a little distorted as the icing was a bit runny but hay ho I'll get it eventually =)


  1. colourants can be evil, try the sugarflair pastes, theyre amazing and a little goes a long way, I get all mine from ebay only about £2.50 each x

  2. I'm gunna get some Wilton Pastes from hobbycraft. They're bout the same price and are what I'm supposed to use with the tin lolz